Weekend in London


My weekend in London

Hello there! Finally, my video from my last trip to London is up.  

I had such an amazing time there, just walking around getting to see the city and trying all these amazing vegan places.

We went to Camden Market and tried the most incredible vegan cookies at Cookies and Scream if you ever have the chance just try them, also try the vegan pita falafel which is the bomb.

If I have to summarize this trip in one word it would be food definitely, London has the best vegan places.

We were lucky with the weather, surprisingly it didn’t rain which made it really easy to just walk around and explore the city. Whenever I travel I just love walking around and getting to see local people and exploring the neighborhoods.

Notting hill, Portobello, Piccadilly …  London is an incredible city full of life and places to see. You can never get bored in a city like London.

Anyway, it’s better if I show you instead of talking about. So here you have the video of my Weekend in London. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.



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