The Weekly Fashionista Wishlist

The Weekly Fashionista Wishlist

What to Buy this week

A curated list of 16 fashion finds fresh from the New In Section. Ready to be added to your fashion wishlist.

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A new week has started, which means it is time to go shopping!  But what to buy? Oh, the eternal question. Don’t worry that is why I am here for. To make your shopping a little bit easier and help you find what it is new in fashion and what to buy every week. Here is a selection straight from the New In section of some of my favorite stores and e-commerce on what to buy this week.

The weather is getting warmer and the weekly fashion wishlist it is also getting hotter. And these fashion finds are perfect for this weather. A mix of High Street pieces and High fashion. For everybody and every taste.

This week selection is all about transitioning from the cold winter to the sunny Spring. Silky maxi dresses, jumpsuits and denim dresses. Are among the pieces you will find in this week fashion wishlist.

Last week Fashionista wishlist was all about embracing Spring. This week is more about colors and prints. One thing that you will see probably over and over again for some time are minimalist sandals. Because nobody can have too many minimalist sandals. But for the rest expect flowers, stripes, reds, and yellows. Soft colors are a big thing this season I have to say I am a big fan of them. They make everyhting look prettier but without saturation.

So as promised here is a curated list of the 16 pieces to buy this week.

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