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what to buy

What to buy? It is probably the most common question we all ask ourselves when deciding to go shopping. Which is why I decided to curate a list of my top 16 items of the new in section of my favorite brands and e-commerce so that you can have an idea of what to buy and what it is new this week.

A mix of high street pieces and high fashion ones. From bags to necklaces, earrings and sunglasses. But without forgetting about my eternal love shoes! and of course clothing. This week its all about spring. So expect lots of flowers, ice cream color shades and golden necklaces. Leave behind the small “matrix” sunglasses and say hello to the oversized version.

If you want to find out what shoes to wear this Summer. Check this post to find out The newest shoe trends ready for the Summer.

Minimalist sandals and bags are the perfect accessories for an everyday outfit. So if you want to know what to buy this week or at least what to add to your wishlist check these gorgeous 16 pieces.

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