The Weekly Fashionista Wishlist

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The Weekly Fashionista Wishlist

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Shop this! A selection of 16 pieces from the new in section

As every Monday, here is a list of 16 pieces straight out of the new in section of some of my favorite online stores and e-commerce on what is new in fashion. Always trying to make your life a little bit easier by doing the job for you and bringing you the newest pieces.

You can always check last week Wishlist and combine it with the newest pieces. 

Most shops are already launching their new Autumn collection. But while the temperatures are still pretty high outside, thinking about knitwear or anything related with colder days its just real torture. On the other hand, this brings new styles we can still and start wearing right away. This week fashion wishlist its the best wardrobe for transitioning for hot to colder days but, it is also the perfect getaway wardrobe for a summer holiday. Shop this selection to upgrade your wardrobe and pack it with worthy pieces that will last forever.

Check out these 16 fashion finds from some of my favorite stores.

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