White Jeans Summer Look

White Jeans All Summer Long


One thing I really like about summer is being able to wear white jeans all the time. I normally wear them during winter too but in summer they’re just a basic in my wardrobe.

The good thing about white jeans is that they combine perfectly with everything. One of my favorite combos is an all white outfit. White jeans and a white “boyfriend” shirt.

But this time I thought about twisting it a little bit. Instead of wearing the typical shirt I opted for a   super cute striped blouse. I like the details on the shirt, the sleeves, and the fact that it is off the shoulder. Is all about reinventing the basics.

Now all you need is a good pair of high heels and you’re done. These Maroon Velvet shoes are just what this outfit needed. Adding a third color can be tricky sometimes. You just have to remember to always keep it in the same gamma. If you’re already wearing a bright color shirt this heels probably wouldn’t look good. But since the blouse has very neutral colors the maroon shoes add that extra color that makes the outfit just pop.

I love playing with colors, textures, and shapes. If not for me outfits are way too boring. But you have to be really careful because sometimes is hard to combine them and you could end up looking like a clown.

As I mentioned in previous posts this summer I’m obsessed with raffia bags. So as you can imagine it I couldn’t post an outfit without a raffia bag. This time I opted for this version of the classic straw bag, which I’m loving. Perfect for the beach or those summer strolls around the city.

So go ahead and give white jeans another try. Play with them, combine them and find out what your favorite combo is!



white jeans

white jeans

white jeans and raffia bag

white jeans and raffia bag

white jeans

white jeans



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