How to wear stylish work outfits

Playing with prints and colors

Update your work outfits

Getting dress up for the office can sometimes seem like a very hard duty. It is easy to get stuck in the gray, black navy pant suits and if you’re feeling like risking it a little bit you wear a skirt instead.

Well, the truth is there are a lot of other combinations you can wear to work and look stylish and fashionable. You don’t have to wear suits every single day of the week.

Is all in the details. With one pair of trousers, you can make infinite combinations. Which allows you to wear them several times and making it seem like they’re completely different.

This week I wanted to show you my favorite work outfit for those September days when it is still warm but you have to look proper for work.

A pair of mules will save you this fall, so if you don’t have a pair yet go ahead and buy one! A cute white blouse with some details will upgrade your look making it go from basic to outstanding. And of course, dont forget about the bag. A colorful and bright bag that catches everyone attention is just all you need.

Mixing and matching prints and textures can seem complicated. But it can be easy if you choose a statement piece and go from there. In my case, these trousers with its pattern are a great focal point. From there just try on accessories that won’t outshine your statement piece but instead will complement it perfectly.

I know mixing colors can seem scary, but give it a try. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by how perfectly colors can combine.




work outfits

work outfits

work outfits

work outfits

work outfits

work outfits

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